Sanitizing Pet Waste Bags For Everyone That's On The Run, We Have These Bags and Wipes in One

Our uniquely designed pet waste bag includes a hand sanitizing wipe with every bag to keep your hands clean after picking up your pet's waste!

Patent Pending Product

Similar Price to Normal Bags

We tried our best to develop a product that will keep you clean and comfortable without breaking the bank. Our prices are lower than the cost of buying bags and hand sanitizing wipes separately.

Unique Design

Our patented design combines two products together to form one product in the palm of your hands.

One Bag = One Wipe

Get the bag, pick up your pet's waste and dispose of your bag and wipe all at once. Simple, Easy, Clean!

I always felt uncomfortable to greet my neighbors while walking my dog. This product was practically made for a clean freak like me!


I was afraid they would be a little bit to unpractical to carry around. The design is actually slimmer than what i thought and easy to fit in a container or a purse


Such a great idea. Finally somebody thought of that! I carried wipes in my purse all the time but now I won't need to