About Us

Although our business is a new one, our idea for Wags Wipes and Bags has been in the making for almost 18 years when we brought home our Chihuahua baby to our 13-year-old daughter and our 11-year-old son.

We named this new addition to our family, Nacho and eventually ended up with many of these little babies. Our love for them was great and this inspired us to contact a pet nutritionist PhD to assist us in formulating a healthy wholesome homemade dog food for them.

We fittingly called it, Feeding Me Just Like Family. We Successfully managed to put it in a grocery store, a few pet stores and opened a dog deli called, Doggie Delicious in Plymouth, Michigan.

After a few years we decided to move to Sunny South Florida. We all loved the warmth, especially the Chihuahuas, but we also loved traveling to our home state of Michigan. During the long drive, Nacho would sometimes get a tummy ache and although medication helped him, his poo was a little unpleasant, to say the least.

I decided to start carrying wipes with the baggies to wash my hands when sinks were not available. I can’t describe the amount of comfort this gave me in knowing my hands were clean when getting back into the car. So as I write this with Nacho by my side, I thank him for all his love and this great innovation that will keep all of us a whole lot cleaner, happier and healthier!!


Rochelle Crunk,
Founder and CEO